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The best service, support and advice for moving to Cloud Services.Build flexible, dynamic and scalable hosting solutions for your company in the Cloud to allow your IT to grow with your company.


Microsoft Office 365


  • Cloud based eMail and/or Microsoft Office applications

  • Use MS Office applications on your PC and laptop directly (not web apps)

  • Email and documents available anytime, anywhere

  • Work Smarter - team working and collaborating using Skydrive

  • Access to Microsoft Office tools such as Project as and when you need it

  • Web conferencing and Instant Messaging between your users

  • Intranet – work spaces for your individuals and teams

  • Make sure your users are always up to date and secure

  • Monthly subscription rather than upfront software purchase



Sentinel Managed Cloud Backup


Sentinel are pleased to offer a managed Cloud Backup service, with a very straight forward and easy to calculate pricing structure.


Coupled with one of our IT Support Packages, we can monitor your backups to ensure they continue to work day after day, and work to resolve any problem that might arise.


Got tons of data and a slow internet connection? No problem! With our seeding service, we can upload your initial backup from our office on a fast connection - future incremental backups from your network will be much smaller and manageable even on a slow connection. Contact us for more information





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